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Cherry-Coloured Funk

Should I be sung and unbroken by not saying

This journal is now friends only.
Thank you for applying.
Don't call me, I'll call you.
Have a nice day!! :>

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User Number: 1219261
Date Created:7-30-2003
Number of Posts: 437

Faya is the kind of girl who is shy at first, but can be fiesty when she needs to. She is the loyal friend who will answer your call at 2 am and come and get your drunk ass from the bar. Just don't be an ass when she comes to get you or she will call the taxi instead. At times she is the strong but scared girl who just needs some reassurance. Life can deal some blows that are not easy to deal with.... She has an observant eye, an overactive womanly intuition and a sarcastic wit... which means she sometimes ponder life too much instead of living it. Lastly, she can be a bitch on a rampage when she is in a foul mood, which she tries not to let happen too often. Most of all, she is human... and she makes mistakes too. She is just trying to learn a little something from them.
Strengths: The capacity to care greatly and sometimes to a fault.
Weaknesses: Cynicism and occasional irrational self doubt.
Special Skills: Faya is good at jerry-riging things so they work in a pinch. Very MacGyver-esque. She can think on her feet in sticky situations with little children, which is her specialty.
Weapons: Faya can shoot you a look that kills from across a crowded room. She often has the aura of "Keep your distance, jock boy" when dancing at the club. This is all a self-protection device.
Pet Peeves: People standing in the middle of the flow of traffic at the mall. Especially during holiday season.

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